Rumor speculations that surround pro wrestling are what makes fans pastime as they watch matches.  Even though most rumors are usually unconfirmed as fact, fans enjoy it as it keeps the whole wrestling process lively. Tracking rumor accuracy every week involves a lot of research. The following shows the latest rumors being circulated from the pro wrestling rumor mill.

Rumors of the day

  • It all started when John Cena was offstage during this week’s Monday Night Raw according to PW Insider. During this time, the Bella Twins were in Los Angeles working towards the filming of WWE content, and from, fans placed several bets towards the competitions.
  • According to WrestleVotes claims, there is a source in WWE which associates the vibe in the company, which is ahead of Stomping Grounds, was the same as the mid-90s when there were rough times such as the “In Your House” happenings.
  • The clash of champions’ advertisements this September has included Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler.  Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans are also in the ads.
  • Also, some photos of Diana Brooke showing her injuries are making rounds when she was at Main Event taping match. She was busted and exposed, but it happens, and nothing can be done.
  • PW Insider believes Killer Kross will not gain freedom through Impact Wrestling, regardless of his desire for Scarlett Bordeaux’s release.

What’s the story?

With many Superstars sent back to NXT, it seems there is a new pattern beginning to manifest itself in WWE. There is no need of wasting talent, being misused on the key roster and lurking around throughout backstage segments. Due to this, WWE is now allowing the superstars to shine during the shows like 205 Live, NXT and NXT UK.

It is known that several main roster Stars like Apollo Crews and Fandango became part of the recent set in the NXT Tapings.

Finally, there is an answer to why WWE decided to place Fandango in NXT, yet he has been the main-roster Star for around seven years.

In case you didn’t know.

Fandango made a significant splash after beating Chris Jericho in his WWE debut match. Within no time, Fandango was forgotten only to make a comeback through the help of Tyler Breeze formed a tag team.

Fandango and Tyler became a favorite team on SmackDown due to their backstage skits known as the Fashion Files.  The fashion files were drawings created from detective show happenings of the late ’80s and ’90s. Fans felt bad when WWE ended the fashion file segments.

The heart of the matter

Tyler Breeze moved permanently to NXT, and fans speculated what would be next for Fandango after he returns from the injury. According to, fans were eager to place their bets on the next games.

During the last set of NXT tapings, there was an answer to every question, and Fandango helped his partner from the Forgotten Sons in a beat down. Another rumor was that Fandango wasn’t scheduled for NXT shows in the weekend with speculation that he would run alongside Tyler Breeze.

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