Other than Wrestlemania or Ronda Rousey related WWE articles we don’t cover wrestling tmuch. This latest news is substantial and may prove to be an historic time in modern pro wrestling history.

Please be real.

It’s no secret WWE has alienated alot of long time fans with its “putting smiles on faces” marketing theme. I was a huge wrestling fan until the John Cena era because using a charity as a public relations opportunity became the norm. Cena would come out looking like a walking merchandise booth and dominate our television with the worst “PG’ bordering on “G” rated segments ever. This era took wrestlers like CM Punk and misused/devalued them.

Thankfully, there is hope on the horizon because All Elite Wrestling has quickly risen to prominence. With Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho, Christopher Daniels, The Young Bucks, Neville, and 50 plus personalities on the roster ready to perform there is reportedly a genuine feeling of concern inside WWE corporate. They should be nervous according to Dave Meltzer’s update. It’s a gamble but so was the Best Online Casino USA and look how well they’ve done.

The production is being covered, which shocked me and that value is somewhere between $20 and $30 million right there and then the split of the ad rights which apparently is a very complicated formula that I don’t really know all of, but if they do well with ad sales, they’ll make a lot more than if they do poorly with ad sales. Some of that depends on how well they can convince sponsors that this wrestling will be good to sponsor. There’s a lot of factors in that. A lot of it depends on the ratings in the long run. There’s a guarantee in there. So it’s not like there’s no money. There’s guaranteed money in the deal, but I mean as far as what the whole package is, it’s a really good package. I mean it’s a lot better than I thought it would be, but I can’t give like value to it because I don’t know what the ad revenue split is and it varies based on how much revenue comes in. Keep in mind though casino games winners seem to be more of a revenue maker these days than a lot of wrestlers.

I’ve never heard of a wrestling company getting their production paid for. I mean WWE to this day doesn’t get their production paid for. They don’t need to because they make a lot more, but when they were on USA, a lot times the amount of money that they got on USA probably barely covered production itself. I’m talking before they got the big money which would be the end of 1999 when they got the Spike deal. So probably from the period of RAW from ‘93 to ‘99 the production probably cost as much as they got cause they were only getting $5.5 million a year and I can’t imagine that they produced those shows for a less than a $100,000 so that’s $5.2 million right there. I mean now WWE production is probably in the range of a million per night so that’s essentially a $100 million a year out of that $470 [million] is the production costs. So this one you don’t have that.

He also updated readers on how their shows will work.

The plan at the start is to essentially be like what Nitro was and what RAW is, where you go from city to city. Where you tape in different cities. I don’t know what types of buildings they’re going to do, what kind of deals they’re going to have

If AEW can survive the first few months then wrestling fans might finally have an alternative to the homogenized WWE product.

God we hope so.

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