The Stockton saga – as we call it – may finally continue.

With Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz even at one win a piece everyone expected a trilogy closing bout soon after Conor got his revenge. Nope. In typical McGregor fashion he decided it was better to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr attack a bus, buy a yacht, and participate in the UFC 229 brawl. Oh yeah he also smashed a phone and launched a popular brand of Whiskey called Proper Twelve. Holla.

Finally we get some word on what is potentially next for the Irishman. In a video posted by TMZ Sports he says he owes Nate the third fight but that doesn’t mean Nate will actually sign on the dotted line. Diaz wants that ‘McGregor’ money but it’s called that for a reason. It means Conor McGregor gets paid McGregor money and Nate Diaz gets paid ‘Stockton slap’ cheddar.

Check out what Mystic Mac said.

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