According to the esports betting community, you can place bets on anything. In sport, the odds of winning exists in every game. While betting on sports you need to identify the player’s mindset very carefully, but in case of wrestling it is a little uncertain because just identifying the players mindset towards the game won’t help. In Vegas and many esports betting they take odds on several big wrestling events. The smaller events are usually avoided because guessing the odds of winning in the smaller events is quite easy.

Betting on professional wrestling mostly occurs online. The odds on professional wrestling events are available mostly in online books. One should check thoroughly upon the legality of the online website because betting on professional wrestling is little difficult than the usual sports betting.

Just like any other sport, in wrestling, the bettor bets on the player who will win the match. You can make guesses like; will the match end in a disqualification? Who will be eliminated first in a multi man match? Will someone ruin, these odds are the deciding factor of any bettor betting on wrestling matches.

While the esports betting website tend to emphasize the big four esports, on the other hand, professional wrestling bets often are not profitable when they are placed on smaller events because the books cannot be made ready for every small event. You cannot see bets which are placed on smackdown or Raw, or even pay per view, they are certainly visible when placed on the big four pay-per-views. 

Thinking like a writer will definitely help you when you bet on professional wrestling. Now as we know professional wrestling is not real. The betting is not done on the outcome of the match. We bet on the outcome of a TV show. These decisions are made with purpose, and the role of the bettor is to identify that purpose. The bettors should look for the odds that seem off. To elaborate this let’s take an example of the fight between undertaker and brock lesnar. Why was it decided that lesnar will probably win the match?

While Undertaker was bit on ageing phase he looked in very rough shape till the end of the match. Still he continued to wrestle until early 2017. While Brock Lesnar was like an animal. He completely proved himself in UFC he literally brought a primitive aura when he entered the ring to fight. He continues his trait on callousness because of which the company build its foundation upon him. And so Paul Heyman’s statement, Brock Lesnar isn’t “must see,” he is “can’t miss” is real. And with this retrospection it is quite easy to figure out why Brock Lesnar won the match. The esteem and build-up around The Undertaker’s streak couldn’t continue for a long time, and if there was one person who could carry on that legacy, it was certainly Brock Lesnar. Even at 21:1 odds, Lesnar may have been a safe bet. So that’s how bettors need to get on board with the safest bet, to win.

Another tactical move is to bet on the handicap player. These odds are often predictable. If you are obvious on the answer whether who will win that match then it is quite obvious for others to. However, the handicaps may be less predictable. This can slightly increase the risk amount but it also allows for a higher volume and lesser expense of betting. So if you follow these tactics you can probably earn good money on betting on wrestling.

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