Look, man. I’m not the biggest fan of Jon Jones the person we’ve seen in the news or some of the stuff he says on camera, but holy crap he is good.

Jon was just under the 24 year mark when he won the UFC light heavyweight belt from Shogun Rua. Think about that. Just two years past the legal drinking age and he beats who many thought would defend the belt for a very lengthy period. Since then he has beaten the best the 205 pound division has to offer. It’s a killer’s row honestly but some of the wins were more impressive than others.

After winning a razor thin decision victory, arguably a gift, over Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 some fans were claiming his reign was close to ending. They were wrong and at UFC 232 in a rematch he finished Alex in decisive fashion to put that rivalry to bed once and for all.

Despite all of his legal troubles and USADA violations he is so talented that even with an asterisk next to his name for the failed drug tests there is no doubt he is the best to do it at light heavyweight.

His next fight is against surging contender Anthony Smith on Saturday and most assume that Smith will end up in a video like the one below. Check out what the UFC thinks are his top 5 finishes in the organization.

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