According to light heavyweight champion Jon Jones his UFC 235 opponent Anthony Smith had an odd physical reaction to his gaze. No it wasn’t lust you pervs.

Jon said that Smith’s lip was quivering as they stood across from each other ahead of their Saturday clash. I couldn’t see it but he said it was there so maybe you can zoom and enhance for us.

“I saw his lip trembling a little bit”, Jones said to MMAFighting. “I’m not sure, maybe he’s really nervous. He actually talks a really good game, but his lip was quivering. I’m not saying he’s scared, but it says that emotionally, he is like, he’s a guy where this fight means everything to him. That’s a dangerous place to be in. When a fight means too much to you, that’s a dangerous place to be.”

Check out all of the potentially lip quivering action below.

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