TJ Dillashaw is the undisputed UFC bantamweight champ. He claimed the title with a second-round KO win over Cody Garbrandt at UFC 217 in Nov. 2017. The two rematched this past August and Dillashaw finished him the first round.

Following that Dillashaw went down to 125-pounds to challenge Olympic gold medalist Henry Cejudo for the flyweight title last month in Brooklyn. A win over Cejudo would have given Dillashaw the highly coveted “champ-champ” status but a controversial 32-second TKO stoppage by the referee quickly put those hopes on ice.

A recent guest on Brendan Schaub’s ‘Food Truck Diaries’ show, Dillashaw talked about his hopes of a rematch against Cejudo and admitted, even though he’s still the 135-pound champ, the loss has been hard to deal with.

“It’s funny, you don’t feel like the champ though. It’s like I f*cking lost, it pisses me off. It’s one of those things I got to remind myself of. My wife is like ‘best case scenario, this and that’. I’m like f*ck that. I f*cking lost man.”

-TJ Dillashaw

Dillashaw also admitted he’s a sore loser and hates losing more than anything so it seems natural someone as competitive as he is would feel that way. Watch below as he talks about the Cejudo loss and much more.

With what appears to be the dissolution of the UFC’s flyweight division it’s still unclear if Dillashaw will be able to get the rematch with Cejudo at 125-pounds or if Cejudo will possibly move up and challenge TJ for the bantamweight title. Marlon Moraes is also in the mix for a shot at TJ’s bantamweight strap. We’ll have to wait and see.

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