Joanna Jedrzejczyk moved up a weight class to face Valentina Shevchenko at UFC 231 over the weekend in a bout for the vacant flyweight title. At the post fight press conference many were expecting her to announce a return to strawweight but going by what she said this might not happen until after her next fight.

This camp I realized how it can impact your body, your brain and your performance being on such a strict diet for so many weeks. Or the weight cut. Definitely, I want to protect myself, protect my body. But yeah, the other stupid thing is I want to do this one more time — that’s it. One more time. We always give second chance to ourselves and I want to do this.

One person who wants it to happen before then is Dana White. Here’s his take on her situation.

I love her, she’s such a great fighter and such a good person.  I actually consider her a friend. I want her to take some time off, go spend some time with her family and then we’ll get together and talk about it. But I’d like to see her stay at 115 pounds.

What do you think? Should Joanna go back to strawweight?

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