Actor David Arquette shocked wrestling fans when he won the WCW title during the Monday night wars in 2000. WWE was probably jumping for joy because most wrestling fans will point to two things that led to the downfall of their rival. One is the hiring of former WWE head writer Vince Russo and the other is when Arquette won the world championship. It was the beginning of the end for a storied and respected wrestling company.

Arquette is in wrestling news again because of an incident which occurred during his match with GCW Champion Nick Gage at Joey Janela’s LA Confidential event on Friday night from The Hi-Hat in Los Angeles, California. The match turned in to a shoot, which means they were hitting each other for real and the blood started flowing heavily.

There was a film crew present documenting his wrestling comeback who captured the whole thing and when David became a bloody mess actor Luke Perry rushed in to take him to the back, and then the emergency room. His sister, actress Patricia Arquette posted on social media condemning the incident which garnered some mainstream media coverage. The whole thing has become a PR fiasco for everyone involved.

David posted his own statement via Twitter:

Interesting to note is that Arquette was backstage at a recent NXT event which leaves us to wonder…will we see him WWE soon? What do you think of him competing in the big leagues?

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