Chuck Liddell is a legend. A legend who just so happens to be returning to the cage in his very late 40s.

On November 24th he will face long time rival Tito Ortiz for a 3rd time under the Golden Boy Banner.  There are questions that have answers sure to play a factor in the outcome of this fight. Will the wear and tear on his body be too much for him to overcome? Will his inactivity be an issue?  What kind of shape will he be in?  We can answer the third question for you because he posted a picture on Instagram of himself as what appears to be the most ripped grandpa of all time.

Chuck is a talented fighter who possesses some of the scariest knock out power in UFC history. While it is true that he lost a step toward the end of his UFC career we believe he has still got a little firepower left in the tank.

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