Cormier not concerned that Jones may face Lesnar instead

Champ champ huge huge balls balls Daniel Cormier may hold the UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight title. Sadly, despite that incredible feat he is constantly reminded of bitter rival and former light heavyweight king Jon Jones at every turn. Jon beat DC twice and if he wouldn’t have failed a USADA test and gotten a suspension he would still be champ. JJ fell off, came back, reclaimed his belt, fell off again, and is back again. Come on, Jon…stay clean please.

Cormier took back the belt he had just lost to Jones and promptly defeated Stipe Miocic to take the heavyweight title. Then Brock Lesnar entered the Octagon during Daniel’s post fight interview and challenged him to a fight in classic pro wrestling style. DC accepted and everyone was waiting to hear a venue and date announced. Instead we got a bout with Derrick Lewis at UFC 230 leaving the possibility of facing Brock still lingering in the alternate ‘what if’ universe.

Since the Lewis fight was announced for Cormier we have begun to hear talk of a Jones vs Lesnar clash in the near future. No doubt Jones has a solid plan to get back the light heavyweight title and, just to spite DC, move up in weight. While Brock vs Jones sounds fun but we doubt it will happen if that opportunity to finally beat Jon presents itself to Cormier, especially at the heavier weight he has excelled at. ‘The Beast Incarnate’ would be a big money fight for either man but as far as DC is concerned talk of Jon face Lesnar isn’t a big deal because he still believes the fight is his. Here’s what he said during media day (via MMAmania).

I’ve got to be honest with you: Over the course of my career I haven’t been done like that. I haven’t had anything promised to me that hasn’t been delivered. The UFC’s been good to me. I don’t worry about that…I know I’m going to fight Lesnar. There’s nobody or anything that could change that. They’ve never done me like that, so there’s no reason to believe it would start now.

What do you think? Will Cormier or Jones get the Lesnar fight? Either way Jones and Cormier both are considered the betting odds favorite against Lesnar.

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