If you are asking your self if the craziness of UFC 229 is going to dissipate anytime soon we can reassure you that it is not.  You know which craziness that we are talking about. The giant scuffle between Khabib Nurmagomedov’s team and Conor McGregor’s team that overshadowed the Russian’s destruction of the Irishman in the main event.

After the now infamous brawl, the initial suspensions, talks of firing and quitting, and everything else in between there is a new development. MMA Team Dagestan is claiming that Khabib was suffering from seizures leading up to what was being billed as “the biggest event in UFC history“.

Check out the tweet below:

The real issue with this tweet is that the doctors who examined him before the fight most assuredly asked him if he had any issues going on. This would mean he definitely did not mention the seizures.  If this were in my home state of Kentucky there would definitely be some repercussions as well as a full doctor evaluation. You can’t drive a vehicle after being diagnosed with seizures  in most cases so being allowed to compete in a combat sports event is probably not going to happen for you, either.

What do you think of this tweet?

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