Fellow Youtube sensations Logan Paul and KSI reportedly garnered around 800,000 pay-per-view buys with their recent boxing match in England. Following that UFC golden boy Sage Northcutt saw the potential dollar signs and offered to welcome Logan Paul into the UFC octagon if he wanted to give mixed martial arts a try. However, UFC President Dana White quickly shut it down saying Paul would “get murdered” and “hurt badly” if he ever let him inside the octagon. But now the Youtube star is clapping back at White telling him that he’s being short-sighted and he has no idea what he’s capable of.

Although Northcutt and Paul share a striking resemblance in looks, let’s be honest, Sage would destroy him easily. That being said, a fight against the much older and much less MMA-capable CM Punk is certainly a freakshow fight, but also would certainly add a lot of pay-per-view buys to any card.

Your move White.

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