On August 9th of this year two of the most respected insiders in the business of pro wrestling made some comments that have lit a fire in some drama addicts. In this day of recreational anger nothing goes without scrutiny including said comments. Here’s the exchange that Meltzer and Alvarez had on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Meltzer: I thought [The IIconics] had a cool act in NXT and on the main roster I don’t get a thing out of them. I don’t think their promos are particularly good, their wrestling isn’t good. I think they even like… I think Peyton Royce’s transformation to look more attractive… I don’t know, I don’t want to say. But I don’t think that…

Alvarez: That they were more attractive in NXT?

Meltzer: I thought so, yes. To me, yes. I would say so. But that’s neither here nor there.

Alvarez: No one’s saying she’s unattractive, by the way, everybody.

Meltzer: I know, no [expletive]. Yeah, I didn’t say it at all. But she doesn’t stand out to me… when she was in NXT she did… she was a lot lighter.

Firstly, as he sometimes does, Meltzer doesn’t put together complete or coherent sentences. It is not uncommon to hear this, “So, so, so, here’s the thing. Look it’s like he…I’m saying that, look…he’s a…look it’s like, okay…”. So to most those above stumbling and bumbling comments are not derogatory. Dave is vocalizing what some of us think when it comes to WWE elevating NXT talent to the main roster. They get ruined more often than not. Whether it’s a bad or unnecessary makeover, horrible promos written by arguably the worst WWE writing team in years, or the inconsistent and misguided booking. They get buried.

He later apologized, but by this time it was too late. The recreational anger was out in full.

I’d like to apologize to you. You are an exceedingly attractive woman. I do realize the lengths and pressures on women in the entertainment world to maintain unnatural looks at times and am glad you pointed this out.

What do you think? Should Dave have been attacked or is there yet another Twitter rage fest where people are looking for a fight?


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