Two of the very top pro mixed martial arts middleweights in the Southeast will square-off live on pay-per-view in the M-1 Global USA main event on Aug. 11 at the Global Mall in Nashville, Tenn. as Atlanta’s Douglas “Yamato” Usher (9-3) battles Florida’s David “Redneck” Mundell (9-3). Usher was originally scheduled to face No. 3 ranked Floridian 185-pounder Reggie Pena (14-6), but after Pena pulled out this week he will now face Mundell who is actually ranked No. 2 in the Sunshine State. So arguably “Yamato” is getting an ever tougher replacement. Pro MMA Now caught up with Douglas Usher this week to get his thoughts on the upcoming event, why Pena pulled out, find out his thoughts on Mundell as a replacement and much more.

Pro MMA Now: Hi Douglas, thanks for taking time to talk with us. How’s training been going for your upcoming fight on Aug. 11 and who’s been helping you prepare?

Douglas Usher: Training is going well. I’ve been working with my striking coach Manu Ntoh, My jiu-jitsu coach Rodrigo Arthilerio and great training partners such as Douglas and Dhiego Lima, Ovince Saint Preux and Jordan Rinaldi.

Pro MMA Now: How does it feel to be headlining this M-1 Global USA card live on pay-per-view and what do you think a win on this stage would mean for your career, especially considering M-1’s new relationship with the UFC?

Douglas Usher: I’m honored to be on this card. I have always thought highly of M1 Global. A win could open big doors for me. It’s also good that the UFC matchmaker knows me personally.

Pro MMA Now: What are your thoughts on Reggie Pena as an opponent and do you see anywhere you have a clear advantage?

Douglas Usher: Reggie Pena pulled out of the fight and now there is a replacement, David Mundell, that I don’t know much about.

Pro MMA Now: Do we know why Pena pulled out?

Douglas Usher: They said shoulder but he had no medicals done, license or documents turned in.

Pro MMA Now: It looks like your new opponent David Mundell is largely a grinder with most of his wins coming by decision. Anything concern you about him or taking him on as a short notice replacement?

Douglas Usher: No concerns. At this point you just have to fight. I trained with him a month ago down in Tampa. Cool guy.

Pro MMA Now: What is your sports background and how did you get started in MMA?

Douglas Usher: I got started in MMA through a friend who just wanted me to try a few jiu-jitsu classes and I just stuck with it.

Pro MMA Now: Do you have a favorite striking or grappling technique?

Douglas Usher: All striking techniques are my favorites along with grappling.

Pro MMA Now: How did you get the nickname “Yamato”?

Douglas Usher: The Yamato was the largest Battleship ever built. Their motto was that they would fight fiercely and go down spitting fire. Prince Yamato is the Japanese equivalent to Hercules.

Pro MMA Now: What’s life for you like outside the cage?

Douglas Usher: Outside the cage I have a full time job as a mechanic and a side job teaching MMA.

Pro MMA Now: Thanks again for the time, Douglas. Any final words or shout-outs?

Douglas Usher: Make sure to tune in Aug 11th to the the M-1 Global USA Nashville show. It’s going to be a good one.

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