Covington blasts Till vs Thompson as a ‘hug fest’, here we go…

Colby Covington ladies and gentleman. He’ll be here all night, try the veal.

Colby can’t seem to stop himself from speaking his mind when his opinions begin to form in his brain. No matter if it might be brutal, offensive, or simply to insult the whole of Brazil. His latest tirade is aimed at Darren Till’s victory over Stephen Thompson in Liverpool this past weekend. Here’s what he said during a conference call for UFC 225 on Thursday (via MMAFighting)…

Darryl the Dough Boy can’t make weight, so he can come get this ass whoopin’ any time. Him and Choirboy [Thompson], they put on a high five and hug fest. No one wants to see that sh-t.

[Till] eked him out on the scorecards, because it was a fix, but no one wants to see that kind of fight, man. They had more significant hand touches and more significant hugs than they had significant strikes.

I don’t really pay attention to rankings, because after I finish Dos Nachos I’m gonna move right back ahead of [Till]. But he landed the most significant hugs and the most significant love taps. Does anybody want to see that?

I mean, 40 significant strikes landed in the fight, I mean it was a game of paddy cake out there. When me and Rafael fight, it’s gonna be a completely different thing and I’m gonna make the UFC [welterweight] division great again.

Colby faces Rafael Dos Anjos at UFC 225 on June 9th in Chicago. The main event is Robert Whittaker vs Romero for Robert’s middleweight championship and it also brings us the return of CM Punk.

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