Weight cuts can be dangerous. Gabe Ruediger struggled badly on The Ultimate Fighter Season 5 and uttered the now infamous phrase, “put me back in B” after collapsing to the floor dramatically from his time in the sauna. Theatrics or not you could see a small glimpse of the dangers of extreme weight cutting. Losing too much weight in a short amount of time can damage your body beyond saving if it’s too intense. Darren Till missed weight ahead of his victory over Stephen Thompson this past weekend in Liverpool but he also dehydrated himself to the point he couldn’t see. Crazy. Here’s what the head of the Association of Boxing Commissions, Mike Mazzulli told MMAJunkie about it.

They should suspend those corner people that tried to help him cut that kind of weight, first of all. They think it’s okay to do what they did to that kid? They’re going to get him killed. Right now, I am so upset at this whole industry.

Most of us agree that weight cutting is often not healthy, or even done properly sometimes. Do you agree with Mike?

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