I came across the name “Ninja Ron” earlier this year and I was hooked.

Ron “the West Virginia ninja” Collins is not THAT West Virginia ninja that appeared on Jerry Springer and threw “cans of backer” at opponents. No, this guy not only packs 100 pounds of baby fat but he also couldn’t throw a punch.

First, Mr. Ninja has been charged of a crime like twenty times and convicted of several from what I could dig up on the internet. He has been accused of assaulting a police officer, stalking, intimidation, malicious wounding, terrorist threats, possession of child porn, delinquency of minors, and possibly attempting to use alcohol and rape drugs to have sex with a freaking 13-year-old. According to most, Ron legitimately believes that there is a conspiracy to ruin his life and that has never done any of those things he was accused of. Classic sociopath behavior with some narcissism to boot.

I will give you two guesses who he says trained him. It’s the guy who appears in the back of comic books of old claiming to teach invisibility, how to dodge bullets, and the death touch. The guy who freaking lied about being involved with the infamous Black Dragon Society but wasn’t even able to be a member of a made up group. It’s…Mr. Ashida Kim…. Not off to a good start having your qualifications examined there Ninja Ron. He also claims to have been involved in battles with countless martial arts masters and teachers all over the globe. Feuds that involve one sided posting on the internet don’t count as real despite what Manny Reyes Jr. will tell you.

Countless times Ron has challenged instructors, threatened their families, and children. All of these situations ended with him making threats of ripping their hearts out only to no show. Yep, that’s an Ashida Kim student. Ron claims to have achieved black belts in a large number of martial arts. He also claims to be a ninja who carried out secret operations in his youth. He states hilariously that he taught military combatives and the reason they have no record of it is that it was also top secret. He apparently beat up all sorts of cops and criminals while in jail because he won so many real life street fights in the mean hoods of Beckley, WV. He is the self-proclaimed author of ninja stuff, street fighting, survival, self defense, and the list goes on and on. They must be ninja books because no one can find them anywhere. Must be invisible.

Finally it was time to put up or shut up. Enter kickboxer “Icy Mike” and his heroic mission to shut this moron up. Check the encounter out in this video and pay special attention to the tires in the background, the douchebag in the hat trying to give off the ‘I’m a fooking bad ass” vibe”, and the destruction of Ninja Ron.

These stories seem to end the same with the self-proclaimed legend getting flattened or running for their life away from a possible real confrontation. Thus ends the story of Ninja Ron and his back fat with a surrender.

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