Pro wrestling and MMA superstar Bobby Lashley recently talked to Helen Yee of Eyes On The Game at the Olympia Expo and had a lot to say about the recent string of “tainted supplement” excuses used by fighters who have tested positive for steroids or other performance enhancing drugs. Lashley is currently endorsing a Canadian-based company called Nutrabolics¬†and says that athletes won’t have a “tainted supplement” problem using their products. Former UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones is the most recent high profile fighter to fail their USADA drug screen, but Lashley insists “tainted supplements” are a real thing and doesn’t believe Jones needs steroids to win.

Lashley has one of the most impressive physiques in all of sports and has never tested positive for any banned substances. However, he has also never competed in the UFC and undergone any of their new USADA testing protocols. How do you think he would stand up under their new guidelines? Apparently if all he is using is Nutrabolics, he would do just fine.

Here’s an old pic of Lashley in his amateur wrestling days.

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