Enzo Amore is not welcome in the dressing room with his colleagues. Let it soak through. Enzo Amore has so much heat or is looked at badly enough that he can’t even get dressed in the room with Rusev. The Bulgarian Brute cut his hair without permission making promotional photos and toys of him inaccurate and making Vince McMahon so mad that Rusev hasn’t been seen by fans for a while.

Back to Enzo.

So, as Enzo is reportedly not being welcomed to dress in the same room as his colleagues, he would do well study The Miz’s history.

JBL recently spoke on the WWE Network’s “Bring It To The Table” about the Miz and his phoenix rebirth from the pits of burial by Vince McMahon. Yes, JBL spoke positively about Enzo, but it’s clear he doesn’t give Enzo a chance to do the same.

Now here’s what’s bad about it. Most of those guys – except for Miz, Miz is the only one – never made it. Once the locker turned against these guys – they were sprayed with human repellent or whatever – they never made it. So the odds are completely against Enzo. Now I think he’s very talented, I’ve had a good working relationship with him but apparently, there’s a lot of problems with him and the rest of the world.

Then, Corey Graves may have pulled back the lid on why he has heat and what could happen as a result. Enzo stays in character just like the wrestlers of old every second of the day.

Hell, the The Shiek never broke character at all, ever…even to family. It was admirable back then and was job security because fans still didn’t know it was an act. Shiek, not Iron Shiek, was legendary and one of the most successful wrestlers up until his death. His real name was Edward George Farhat and he practically invented or at least started what later became “hardcore” wrestling like ECW. Wrestler Sabu was essentially a more extreme clone of Farhat which made him successful, too. In fact Farhat was Sabu’s manager in 1994 which gave Sabu a massive “rub” or credibility as a performer and gave his blessing on the gimmick infringement. Farhat was born in 1923 so he was 71 when he was managing him. He got a broken leg during a spot involving Jerry Lynn and Sabu that he was not aware of. He died in 2003 and even though wrestling’s curtain was pulled back and the fans knew it was fake he still stayed in character like Enzo.

Real name Eric Arndt, and as I stated before Enzo is doing this in 2017. To put that in perspective – The WWF in the late 90’s publicly revealed wrestling was fake by announcing the Attitude Era that WWE claims to have officially started on December 15, 1997.

So why would a modern wrestler still be trying to stay “kayfabe”? Kayfabe is the term when something is acted out or scripted in pro wrestling to keep the illusion that all of it was real, and was crucial for success back when territories existed. But today fans like me enjoy reading all of the backstage news and listening to old school stories from guys like Jim Cornette and Ric Flair. There is no reason to force kayfabe on people today since no one else in WWE is doing so. You would just seem like a douchebag looking for trouble and that is exactly what happened.

Enzo may actually be removed from the RAW roster and might be placed in WWE Network hell also known as 205 Live aka the little guy show. 205 Live showcases cruiserweights and they make a point to remind you that these guys are small. Enzo would vanish in to the dark abyss of obscurity here because he is probably going to be a jobber, or a guy that loses to make opponents look good. In short, pun intended, it would not be a great career move.

Fans would probably like to see him go back to NXT rather than 205 live. At least there the fans might welcome him back happily and he would make an impact by helping newer talent get over. There would also be a chance for him to get his act together and head back to the main roster when he is ready. Absence from the main roster would make the fans miss him if you think about it. In the territory days they would send someone to wrestle elsewhere after appearing too much on TV or when the fans became indifferent. After a month in another territory the wrestler would be brought back. Jim Cornette said absence made the fans care again so this might benefit Enzo, too.  Dolph Ziggler and Big Show were sent back to WWE’s Ohio Valley Wrestling developmental program when they needed more polish.

In closing, Enzo Amore may be out of luck in WWE right now. They have far too many wrestlers and the machine would keep turning without him. I would not expect forgiveness for him anytime soon.

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