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Here’s a list of 10 MMA fighters who have almost certainly seen their last days inside the UFC octagon. Each of these fighters was once signed to MMA’s premier organization but for various reasons were cut from the league and never invited back. Some incidents were more serious than others, but none of them are good, and well, we all know number one on the list will be lucky if he even gets to watch another MMA event live in this lifetime.

Fighters banned from UFC and reason they were initially let-go:

10. Jason High (shoving referee)

9. Maiquel Falcao (assault)

8. Michael Graves (battery)

7. Cody East (domestic violence)

6. Diego Brandao (felony arrest)

5. Thiago Silva (aggravated assault/standoff with SWAT)

4. Wanderlei Silva (ran from drug test)

3. Rousimar Palhares (not letting go of submissions)

2. Paul Daley (punching opponent after bell)

1. War Machine (comments regarding Evan Tanner)

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