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Former UFC bantamweight queen Ronda Rousey hasn’t fought since she was stopped by Amanda Nunes via TKO at UFC 207 this past December and no one knows for sure if the Olympic bronze medalist will attempt to make a comeback inside the octagon or keep riding off into the sunset with fiancé Travis Browne.

One thing is for sure, she won’t become a hand model any time soon.

In what appears to be some type of Reebok #BeMoreHuman social media campaign, Rousey released a new video on Instagram Tuesday talking about why she is proud of her tattered hands.

“I don’t have pretty hands and I’m proud of it.”

“Every scar on my hands tells a different story. It’s like a scrapbook, a tally of all my accomplishments and I’m proud of them. How do your hands tell your story?”

Rousey also said she’s more proud of the scars on her knuckle from getting nine stitches than she would be of perfectly flawless acrylic nails. And though her hands look a mess, her nails look pretty damn good. With her hands looking that beat up though, maybe the former champ still has aspirations of making a return to the octagon one day, or just maybe those days really are over for good and the once fierce warrior goddess has become fully domesticated.

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