bisping-gsp staredown

Although UFC fans have been promised a Michael Bisping middleweight title defense against former longtime welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre, no date for the proposed matchup has yet been announced. St-Pierre will have to go through three months of USADA testing first which could line up the bout for mid-Summer or Fall but so far nothing has been scheduled. Bisping was asked what the holdup was in a new TMZ Sports interview.

“I think GSP’s waiting for his balls to grow,” Bisping said. “I think he’s doing some bicep curls, taking some protein shakes and then when he’s big enough, then maybe we can do the fight. But I’m here and GSP when you’re ready let me know. … As soon as he lets me know we can fight, I’ll get in the gym. … We were supposed to fight in July, I hear that’s not happening. You let me know when you’re ready Georges and I’ll be ready.”

St-Pierre hasn’t fought since he defended the UFC welterweight championship with a controversial split decision win over Johny Hendricks in 2013. It was announced last month that GSP would be making his octagon return for an immediate shot at Bisping’s 185-pound belt.

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