According to the National Institute of Health’s Body Mass Index (BMI) calculations the 5-foot-1-inch 143-pound Angela Magana is “nearly obese”. The UFC strawweight has a fight scheduled at the end of Summer and hasn’t officially started her training camp yet, but does she look “nearly obese” or “overweight” to you? Magana bared all in these revealing shots on Instagram to drive the point home.

According the national institutes of health(government agency) I’m 3 points off of obese.Therefore id be denied entrance into the military, cheaper health insurance, denied life insurance (or super expensive)not to mention the mental toll it would take to be told I’m nearly obese. And why do so many [have] body issues? #thankyougoverment

The National Institute of Health may have to rethink their BMI scale after these photos of “Your Majesty”. Clearly they haven’t taken into account a strong muscular female athlete may not conform to their ideas of what is “overweight”.

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