mayweather vs mcgregorLegendary boxing promoter Bob Arum has revealed some interesting details regarding the proposed Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. boxing match. Arum says the UFC is the only obstacle to making the fight happen and that’s because they want 50 percent of Conor’s purse:

“The only impediment there is UFC, because UFC doesn’t treat fighters the same way boxing promoters do. In other words, UFC fighters get so much less than boxers do. They proposed a deal to Conor that on his share of the purse they take 50 percent. Now, give me a break. … If the fight doesn’t happen the blame will only be on UFC.”

Arum and UFC President Dana White have notoriously been at odds for many years. So whatever he says regarding the UFC has to be taken with a grain of salt. However, it does appear the only holdup in finalizing the fight is the UFC and 50 percent doesn’t seem to be out of the realm of possibility considering they are the one who gave Conor the platform to become the star he is today.

What do you think, is 50 percent of Conor’s purse a fair deal for the UFC to let their biggest star of all time compete against boxing’s biggest draw?

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