Bob Arum slams MMA, UFC and Dana White… ‘They’re buying off the lobbyists’

Renowned boxing promoter Bob Arum recently had some nasty things to say about the UFC, Dana White and mixed martial arts as a whole. When questioned about drug testing in boxing, Arum said it was more needed in MMA, though if the results aren’t released until after the fight, then what’s the point? Obviously he was referring to Brock Lesnar’s recent alleged failed drug testing incident with USADA.

Arum didn’t stop there. He went on to say the UFC is buying off the lobbyists so they won’t be subject to the Muhammad Ali Act, which would undoubtedly put a lot more power back in the fighters’ hands.

Arum continued his MMA assault stating, “MMA people are for Trump. You ever look at an MMA audience?” He argued that boxing people were more culturally diverse and are Democrats and MMA people are Republicans. Arum then referred to White’s speaking engagement at the Republican National Convention as his proof. You can watch that video below.

So MMA fans, are you really for Trump or are we just as diverse in our views as boxing people? And why the hell does he think Dana White represents all of MMA? He does not.