Fans may get more of the same after Wrestlemania if title rumors are true

Goldberg Lesnar

Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg square off against each other in the main event of this year’s Wrestlemania. The plans for the match and beyond are a bit disappointing for fans already aggravated with the current product.


Brock Lesnar is expected to go over Universal Champion Goldberg and win in 5-7 minutes. A safe move after their stinker at Wrestlemania 20 went over like a lead balloon. Goldberg may come back for a nice sendoff on RAW the night after, but it’s curtains for his exciting short return.

Roman Reigns and the Undertaker will be facing off in a potential disaster alongside Lesnar and Goldberg. I wrote this article recently on just how it could backfire if WWE isn’t careful so make sure to check it out. The next step for Roman is a feud with Lesnar again because Vince believes that if Goldberg loses to Brock that fans will be clamoring for someone to get Revenge on Bill’s behalf. Most of the internet is asking – what are you smoking Vince? Reigns is reportedly in line for a push no matter the fan reaction and execs have no intention of changing how he is portrayed as a fan favorite. Needless to say, Roman is expected to defeat the Undertaker unless plans change when someone comes to their senses.

What do you think about the probability that we will be getting Roman in the main event scene to come?

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