The minefield of fail Reigns vs. Undertaker must avoid at Wrestlemania 33

The most hated man in WWE, Roman Reigns
The most hated man in WWE, Roman Reigns

If Nostradamus knew about pro wrestling way back when he would have made a prediction of epic fail for Wrestlemania 33. It would specifically be about Roman Reigns vs, The Undertaker and the many challenges WWE has to overcome to make it work. So let’s jump in to what he would have pointed out.

Undertaker was rumored to have been retiring after his loss to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30 but since it was so shocking to the fans and no one began chanting or giving a standing ovation it didn’t happen. ┬áThis year could be his send off match depending on how his match with Reigns is received. Right now there are only small groups of fans looking forward to this match. The majority believe that someone like Bray Wyatt, AJ Styles, or John Cena have earned the honors to potentially retire the Undertaker. Despite Vince McMahon’s refusal to budge on Roman Reigns and continually shoving him down our throats the fans have rejected him. So, instead of making good business decisions…

Vince McMahon likes big sweaty men.

Vince McMahon likes big sweaty men.

I stole that from King Ross over at WhatCulture.

Instead of making good business decisions, Stephanie, Vince, and God help us Triple “The talent killer” H want to put Reigns on TV as their guy. He’s handsome, muscular, and adorned in merchandise they can sell. All of the John Cena clone check boxes are ticked there so we eat Reigns sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Putting him in the ring with a possibly retiring Undertaker is a boo inducing, crowd muting, fan sign editing nightmare. No one wants this guy to retire the Undertaker.

Despite that, he most likely ending of this match is: Reigns hitting 9,345,098 spears and 3,456 Superman punches, kicking out of a maneuver no one should be allowed to kick out of in the tombstone piledriver, pinning Taker, and then a cheesy handshake before Roman exits the ring to let Undertaker bask in the remnants of boos. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

They will pull out all of the stops maybe even interference, possibly Reigns hitting him with a tank missile, both have bloody faces, and probably a ton of false finishes. Guess what. It still won’t help. Roman Reigns is not accepted by the fans because he wears a laser tag vest, can’t cut a promo, and is just slightly above average in the wrestling category. None of that matters because he looks good to Vince and Stephanie oiled up, in the attractiveness category, and muscles area. If he wins it better be done precisely in a manner that will not force them to mute the crowds again.

Undertaker’s legacy is at stake here.

Taker is a company man so if Vince says put someone over he will. The rumor is that he Undertaker wanted to put Bray Wyatt over, something John Cena didn’t want to do until Hollywood was an option. Vince said nope and Wyatt was a Wrestlemania loser again. If Taker loses to someone like Reigns after beating Shawn Michaels and Triple H countless times it will piss off the WWE faithful. Undertaker’s last match needs to be against someone like AJ Styles who fans see as someone who has earned it. If Taker’s last match is Roman he will forever be remembered alongside the bane of the WWE Universe’s existence. Reigns will lose even more steam and maybe, just maybe Vince will admit failure.

There is no passing of the torch here. Roman Reigns has not earned the torch. He is green, a John Cena clone, and rejected by almost everyone as the top guy. Even Orton is more over than the vest wearing villain of vile. Should Roman Reigns win – no one wins.

I guess we will see at Wrestlemania this year if I’m right. Turn him heel, let us boo Roman, and you win all around.

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