paata tschapelia_arkadiusz wroblewski

You’re about to witness one of the greatest moments we’ve ever seen in a mixed martial arts fight. The bout took place in December at Mannheimer Hafenkeilerei 5 in Germany between Poland’s Arkadiusz Wroblewski and Georgia’s Paata Tschapelia. Watch as Wroblewski throws an overhand right but dislocates his left shoulder in the process. With the bout halted and in danger of being stopped, his opponent Tsxapelia walks over and yanks his arm snapping the shoulder back in place. Wroblewski graciously thanks him and shows his respect and the bout continues. Now that is AWESOME, right?!

The down side is Wroblewski ended up getting knocked out by Tsxapelia at the 3:52 mark of round number one. You can check out the full fight HERE.

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