Scott Coker

GSP has been absent from UFC programming for quite a while after taking a leave of absence and vacating his welterweight title. This year he sparked some controversy by claiming he is a free agent due to a UFC breach of contract. UFC shrugged it off and briefly rebutted the claims but that did nothing to stop GSP from insisting he is still on the market.

Scott Coker spoke with Submission Radio about Bellator interest in arguably the greatest welterweight champion of all time if he is indeed a free agent.

Well Georges St-Pierre is in a little bit of a grey area, because he’s saying he’s free, ZUFFA’s saying that no, he’s still with us. I think they’ve got some stuff to work out, and let’s see what happens after that. If he was a complete free agent and everybody felt that he was a free agent, then yeah, we would love to talk to him.

Most fans want him to stay in the UFC despite their disagreements. I think all of us can agree we want to see him fight again no matter where it may be.

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