Max Holloway responds to Anthony Pettis missing weight

Anthony Pettis misses weight by three pounds. Old school Sean says YOU FAIL.

Anthony Pettis came in a staggering three pounds overweight during this morning’s weigh-ins for UFC 206. The kicker is this is for the interim Featherweight title!  Their bout will take place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Holloway was quick to karate kick his keyboard and pretty much say what we were all thinking.

1/2 like i said before we professionals and our first job is to make weight. This isn’t about just me and my team it’s about the fans

2/2 it’s about the 6 it’s about the employs of the @ufc its Everyone. Entire sport takes a hit because of this.

3lbs is a lot to miss but the guy was trying and I respect that. At the end of the day it is what it is.

It sucks it happened this way but I am glad that we still get to fight for everyone tomorrow night

The PPV is set for the Air Canada Centre on Saturday December 10. In a messed up situation now, Holloway can win the belt, but since Pettis missed weight he cannot. This could be a lose-lose for the UFC if Pettis wins. Holloway loses his shot and a guy who missed weight wins a bout that has zero meaning. Unless the UFC gives Pettis a shot at Jose Aldo who we can all agree will have a “you didn’t earn this shot” field day on Twitter once it is announced.