Before Lenny Wheeler fights Mike Scarcello at Unified MMA 29 on December 16 in Edmonton, Alta., Canada, the dynamic Canadian lightweight prospect spoke with Pro MMA Now.

What did you want to do for a living when you were growing up?

I wanted to be a hero when I was growing up (laughs). I’ve wanted to fight since I was 13 years old, renting VHS UFC events.

Did you fall in love with the sport right away?

Yes, I’ve loved it since I first saw it — I didn’t even have to try it out for myself (laughs).

Why have you been so successful so far?

I have a good work ethic. I work really hard on staying focused on my training and always learning how to perform better.

How excited are you to rebound after your last fight, a loss to CES MMA title challenger Kevin Croom?

I’m really just glad that I get to fight again. It’s been too long.

How’s it going to feel to have your hand raised next weekend?

It’s everything to me to win this fight; there’s nothing I want more right now than to win this fight.

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