Yoel Romero
Yoel Romero

It looks like Michael Bisping’s next fight will be against Yoel Romero at least that’s according to his “Countdown” show on SiriusXM Rush. Romero demolished former champ Chris Weidman recently via knee of death and fans say he should be next for middleweight champ Bisping.

Here’s what Bisping had to say about Romero:

He did just come back from serving a steroid suspension. And he can say whatever he wants but listen, that guy is on steroids. We all know it. It’s as simple as that. But will I fight him? Goddamn fucking right I’ll fight him. But I want very, very stringent testing throughout camp. I want him to be tested pretty much every week on a random day. If I go out there and beat Yoel Romero then you can’t deny any of my achievements. There are some assholes still out there who say, ‘he got lucky against Rockhold and he picked on an old guy against Henderson.’ I want to fight the No. 1 contender. I want to.

As soon as this 2017 date is set we will let you know.

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