Jericho apparently in another backstage fight and gets KO’d?

Sin Cara

Chris Jericho and Sin Cara are RUMORED to have been involved in a backstage fight during one of the WWE live events in England this weekend. Remember this is a rumor and sounds a little untrue in our opinion. At Sunday’s live event in Leeds, SinĀ Cara defeated Curtis Axel and Jericho ended up losing a match to Sami Zayn. Business as usual. Now, here’s the deal…

MLW Radio is reporting that Sin Cara knocked Jericho out which would be a feat in itself. Tangles with guys like Goldberg and Lesnar ended up being a draw and sometimes Chris coming out the better. Still, they Tweeted:

Hunico remains undefeated as WWE locker room refuses to accept this man as the baddest man on the planet. #Y2JKOd

Jericho and Sin Cara have reportedly been in several backstage fights in the recent past. Sin Cara was in an altercation backstage with Simon Gotch and Chris Jericho tangled with Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam this year. So if this fight did happen it is hard to believe A) Jericho was the loser and B) they didn’t get their asses chewed off.

Here’s a video shortly after the “fight” happened. Judge for yourself whether Jericho got KO’d.


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