It was heralded as the “New Era” of WWE. What we got was a brand split giving us RAW on Monday and Smackdown Live on Tuesday. Stephanie McMahon was placed in charge of RAW, Shane in charge of Smackdown. We were told Shane and Stephanie would run their shows and have control of creative, well guess what.


Vincent “Kennedy” “Grapefruits” McMahon is still booking the same old stuff, the same old way, with his same old mind. According to Dave Meltzer Mr. McMahon still refuses to let anyone else make decisions about the product despite failing ratings.

An example is that even though Reigns lost cleanly twice it was only to give the appearance of punishment. He still refuses to budge because in his mind the fans adore him despite getting booed out of the building. It has been noted by sources that Vince is no longer able to differentiate a true fan favorite from a “polarizing” figure like John Cena or Reigns. It’s sad that we had The Rock, Steve Austin, and more that were true fan favorites. They were the guys being pushed. Today, we get guys pushed down our throats. I digress…

In essence, there is no new era. No new blood. No new ideas. No hope for anything more than the homogenized, dumbed down, ratings killing slop on TV right now until McMahon steps down or disappears from the creative team.

I’m glad I could crush your spirit. Have a good day!

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