WWE recently reported their earnings via investor phone call. On the call, CEO Vince McMahon reported that the WWE Network averaged an amazing 1.52 million paid-subscribers during the second fiscal quarter of 2016. The previous number was 1.454 which was announced just after Wrestlemania 32. WWE is optimistically estimating 1.49 million paid-subscribers for the third quarter of 2016. Regarding a possible sale of the company, Chief Strategy and Financial Officer George Barrios said they are “always open to listening to ideas if that’s what is best for fans and employees”

To put that in perspective. The network costs $9.99 a month so times that by 1.54 million and you get $15,384,600 in revenue from the Network on subscribers alone. There is talk of an increase to $12.99 a month that would put their earnings at over $20 MIL.


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