What an unexpected breath of fresh air for WWE fans. Last night’s Money in the Bank proved that we might finally start to be listened to by Vince McMahon. Here are the five WTFO (What The F, Over?) moments from Sunday’s 2016 Money in the Bank.

AJ Styles wins dirty

AJ Styles beat John Cena in such a way that it proves once again Mr. Never Give Up refuses to truly put over rising talents ¬†almost all of the time. Styles won, but only with the help of The Club and it diminished the victory’s impact for AJ. Vince McMahon puffed his chest out on a podcast and said, “There are no more heels and faces”…except when it’s Roman Reigns or John Cena. More on Reigns in a minute.

Seth Rollins beats Roman Reigns

In this match the bad guy, Seth Rollins was getting cheered and the crowd was solidly behind him, or simply against Roman Reigns. They booed Reigns and he started playing the bad guy! Please, please, please let Roman stay a villain. We are begging you WWE, please give us bad guy Roman. Rollins hit two pedigrees and beat him cleanly! Then the next moment happened and the place exploded.

Ambrose gets his day

After winning MITB earlier that night and after Ambrose foreshadowed cashing it in on last week’s RAW. He delivered. Rollins won a grueling match against Roman, Ambrose’s music hits, and he smashes Seth with the briefcase, Dirty Deeds delivered, and presto! We have a new champion meaning all three former members of the Shield held the title in one night. Ambrose could lose it on RAW, but he is forever in the record books as champion.

Sami Zayn almost kills Kevin Owens

During the Money in the Bank ladder match, Sami Zayn delivered a Michinoku Driver to Kevin Owens on a horizontal ladder and it was nasty. Half the crowd thought Owens was dead, but all of them chanted “Holy Sh**” so loud that WWE producer Kevin Dunn could not mute it. It was one of the nastiest spots ever.


No Shane or Stephanie

It was a gift to all of us that no McMahons disturbed this special event. No rambling, boring speeches, and no unnecessary drama. We got pure wrestling and it was much appreciated.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments.

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