Conor McGregor on meeting with White and Fertitta

dana white pensive

After the massive drama surrounding Conor McGregor and his removal from the UFC 200 card it appears Dana White and the Irish mega star have patched things up. The pair was seen together this week

Conor talked to ESPN recently and here’s his take on what came of the meeting.

I met with Dana and Mr. Fertitta, good conversation like it always is. We have a good relationship. It is what it is. It happens. This is the fight game. Sometimes emotions get into it but it’s important to recognize that emotions have no place in business.

So that’s essentially what it was last night. We just set it aside. There’s no place for emotions in this. We are doing beautiful things so let’s continue. Let’s fix it and continue.

What did they meet about? Probably money and that’s okay. MMA is a business and we miss McGregor’s destruction of opponents in the cage.

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