Welcome to PMN’s live coverage of Monday Night Raw for March 3, 2016. Here’s a few things we might learn tonight (per WWE.com):

  • Who is the true authority in WrestleMania’s main event?
  • To what extremes will Ambrose go to slay The Beast?
  • Are we approaching The Undertaker’s final WrestleMania?
  • Will Jericho accept Styles’ challenge?
  • How will the “Total Divas” even the odds?
  • Who will gain the upper hand before WrestleMania’s Intercontinental Title Ladder Match?


* The Undertaker makes his entrance ahead of Sunday’s WrestleMania 32 event where he’ll face Shane McMahon in a Hell in a Cell match. Undertaker says this WrestleMania will NOT be his last. Shane comes out to confront the Deadman. Undertaker says Shane has been his Daddy’s bitch since the day he was born. Shane attacks him after this but gets worked. Fans are eating it up. As Undertaker goes to powerslam Shane on the announce table, Shane hits a reversal and lays Taker out on the table then bashes him in the head with the monitor. Shane then comes off the top rope on top of Taker — it’s a HUGE distance and they crush the table. The crowd chants “Holy sh*t!” Shane limps his way out but looks back to see Undertaker rise and make the throat slash maneuver.

* Zack Ryder vs. Chris Jericho — Ryder rolls Jericho up for the pin as AJ Styles looks on from ringside. Jericho attacks Ryder after the match and tells Styles he’s down to face him at WrestleMania.

* Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte — Sasha Banks is ringside. Charlotte gets the win with a Natural Selection after her dad interferes with Sasha by holding her leg from ringside.

* Vince McMahon comments on his son putting The Undertaker through the announce table earlier. Vince says it’s just an inkling of what to expect at WrestleMania. Shane then comes out and has harsh words for his father saying he’ll be taking out 40 years of pent-up aggression at WrestleMania. He also said Vince stole the company from his father and he’s going to take it from him.

*Big Show, Kane vs. Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas — Axel and Dallas are disqualified after they get some help from the Social Outcasts. Then the whole Battle Royal contestants come out but Big Show and Kane clean house.

*HHH comes out with Stephanie for a WrestleMania promo for his upcoming match with Roman Reigns. Roman interrupts and runs them off after a scuffle.

* Kofi Kingston (with New Day) vs. Alberto Del Rio (with League of Nations) — Kofi rolls Del Rio up for the pin then New Day escapes.

* Dudley Boyz ambush Roman Reigns backstage. HHH then attacks Reigns and smashes his head into a table.

*Konnor (with Viktor) vs. Kalisto — Kalisto finishes Konnor with a Salida del Sol. Kalisto gets a shot in on Viktor as well. Ryback then comes out to confront Kalisto. They stare down but Ryback leaves without a confrontation. The two will face off at WrestleMania for Kalisto’s U.S. Title.

*Brock Lesnar comes out with his advocate Paul Heyman for a WrestleMania promo. Lesnar will be facing Dean Ambrose on Sunday. The Lunatic Fringe comes out with a red wagon and loads it up with all kinds of weapons from under the ring including a chainsaw. Ambrose then hauls the weapons off and that’s the end of the segment. No physicality yet.

*Emma (with Team Bad & Blonde’s Charlotte, Lana, Naomi) vs. Paige (with Team Total Divas’ Alicia Fox, Nattie, Brie Bella) — A distraction and kick from Lana allow Emma to roll Paige up for the pin. We get a WrestleMania preview afterward as the two teams get into it. … Music hits and Eva Marie runs out and helps out her Total Divas crew.

* Stardust, Miz, Kevin Owens vs. Sin Cara, Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler — Zayn finishes Owens with a kick to the face.

* HHH and Stephanie take to the ring with a promo but Roman Reigns interrupts. HHH meets him half way and they go right at it, HHH introducing Reigns’ head to the ring post. Steph calls for help and the League of Nations pull Reigns off HHH. The Usos and others come to help Reigns. Reigns leaps out of the ring and hits a splash on HHH and the whole crowd out on the floor. HHH then escapes.


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