conor mcgregor lightning jesus

Oh religion. It can be a beautiful thing. But it can also get warped by our human ideals and our ego mind. Case in point is a preacher from Youtube channel Stedfast Baptist Church who believes UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor is wicked, full of pride, and says he’s going to pray for God to strike him down with a lighting bolt.

“I’m gonna pray that God strikes this guy dead. Do you know why? His name is Conor McGregor and he’s the UFC featherweight champ, or something like that. He’s on this run of just knocking people out. But you know what, he got up and he said if Jesus Christ was in the ring with me I’d knock him out. … And then somebody threw that in his face and said, remember when you said you’d beat up Jesus in the ring. And he said me and Jesus are good. You know why? Because gods recognize other gods.”

“The guy is a UFC fighter. He is nothing. He’s let money go to his head. He’s got pride, and look, let me tell you this. The bigger they are, the harder they fall my friend. … It’s all pride. It’s all wickedness. It’s all worldliness. That guy, I’m gonna pray that God strikes him down with a lightning bolt. So everybody in the world that believes the bible, even a little bit, will know that it was God, it was Jesus that struck him down. … Because he’s a wicked person. And you watch him and you’re a fan of his and you call yourself a Christian, shame on you! You’re not right with God! It’s wicked as hell.”

Sure, Conor recently equated himself to Jesus Christ, but it’s all in good fun right? He’s just promoting a fight right? Now watch this. At least when Conor McGregor predicts something it comes true. What this preacher did was just make himself and his beliefs look quite foolish. Because we all know no lightning bolt is going to keep Conor from the Octagon on March 5 when he moves up to fight Rafael dos Anjos for the 155-pound title at UFC 196. In fact it’s pretty safe to assume no lighting bolt will ever strike Conor McGregor down. And if he knocks RDA out in the first round on March 5 like he’s predicted, then we’re going to seriously have to start considering if McGregor is the second coming.

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