Ronda Rousey‘s Olympic teammate Dr. Rhadi Ferguson explains why the former UFC women’s bantamweight champion still runs the 135-pound division. The judo and BJJ black belt believes that because Ronda has the star power to control the gate she has the keys to the kingdom. Though she knocked Ronda out, Holly Holm still needs Ronda if she wants to make bank at the PPV box office. Ronda doesn’t really need Holly. Listen in as 2004 Olympian Dr. Ferguson breaks it down as only he can via his Facebook page.

The REAL REASON why Ronda Rousey still owns the 135 division….

Posted by Dr. Rhadi Ferguson on Thursday, January 7, 2016

Did you know? Dr. Rhadi and Ronda were not only Olympic teammates, but both fought MMA under the Strikeforce banner at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Rhadi Ferguson on the REAL reason Ronda Rousey still owns the 135-pound division”
  1. Welp…looks like Miesha is fighting Holm next..on a card with McGregor in the main she’s gonna get some money dependent upon her contract….it’s true that Ronda is the biggest draw…BUT…IF Ronda fights Holm and loses again….she says she’ll retire….so…what does it matter

    I do agree that Eye would be a good fight for Ronda….but not to stand with her…to take her down and submit her with the quickness…Ronda needs to get back to doing what got her where she was…don’t become the women’s version of Josh Koscheck…knock one or two people out and think you’re a KO artist…if people can’t stop your bread and butter…keep doing it…like Shaq used to say….if I can get the dunk 10 outta 10 times…I’m go for the dunk 10 outta 10 times….

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