It’s no secret. WWE’s ratings are terrible.

WWE’s RAW ratings have shrunk from in the high 4’s to the low 3’s, sometimes high 2’s. That’s the measurement of the millions of people switching off their TV set. Why you might ask? Here are five good reasons.

  • The PG TV is becoming G. Corny, and catering to five year olds.
  • The characters are cartoons built solely for marketing. John Cena.
  • Any character with any edge is buried. Ambrose, Cesaro, Ziggler, etc…
  • HHH and Stephanie are hogging the TV not as true heels, but as annoying, serving only their egos.
  • Guys like Sheamus are being force fed down out throats. Fans do not care about them at all. Roman Reigns is not ready.

Here’s what SBNation is reporting:

Despite the Raw ratings being so bad, Bryan Alvarez has said Vince McMahon isn’t panicked just yet. That said, not surprisingly, there are apparently others within the company who feel like there needs to be major changes to television.

WWE’s merchandise marketing focus is murdering any chance of true talent rising to the top. Ambrose, Ziggler, and Cesaro are legit fan favorites that Vinny Mac does not care for. Why in the hell is a 70 year old being allowed to determine what is hip with today’s fans. Look up “Roman Reigns Sufferin Succotash promo” and see Vince’s writing skills in action. This PG crap is corny, bad for business, and killing the wrestling business.

A word of caution to Mr. McMahon. TNA is not dead and if you are not careful it will become the alternative to your BORING, bland, and less than hip product. Some of the most die hard fans have turned off your programming. Please, do not mistake your network subscribers as a true measure of how well you are doing. Unless you move RAW to the network or cut it back to two hours you will continue to see it slide in to ratings hell.

Fix it WWE. Remove Vinny Mac and HHH’s ego from the equation or watch your company’s TV presence crumble. Put Adam from in charge of your writing. Millions agree he is the best fit to book angles for the fans.

2 thoughts on “Why Vince McMahon is delusional on RAW’s rating decline”
  1. “TNA is not dead and if you are not careful it will become the alternative to your BORING, bland, and less than hip product.”
    TNA is a non-factor, especially without Angle, Joe, Storm etc… more likely folks will simply turn away from wrestling and find something else to watch

  2. Who knows, maybe catering to a younger audience is the key WWE success? Maybe Linda will run for office[again]and they’re just trying to take the heat off of her?

    Honestly,after you’ve redesigned pro wrestling and WWE/Vince are really the only game in town[that matters], whatever he wants will happen!

    Thinking Vince is ignorant of marketing, think again!

    ps: haven’t liked Vince much since his early “wrestling talk show” days..but everything changes…when sports entertainment matters, it will start with WWE…

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