Nobody knows what Ronda Rousey is going to do next. Some say that she’ll never fight again. And to be honest with you, she doesn’t need to. She has nothing to prove. She’s made some money and she made history and every woman that fights in the UFC after her will have to pay homage to what she’s done for the sport of women’s MMA.

If she fights Holly Holm again, that’s okay too. The world would love to see it. I know I would, with the hopes that it will be different so that we could have a trilogy.

But no matter what she decides to do I just want her to utilize her resources. Her Olympic ones.

If I had the money and the resources, I would fly Ronda Rousey to a distinct location and put her at a roundtable with three people before she decides to make her next move in terms of Mixed Martial Arts.

Those people are her three Olympic Teammates, UFC Champion Daniel Cormier (wrestling), Titan Fighting Champion and former Bellator fighter Rick Hawn (judo) and former Strikeforce Fighter Dr. Rhadi Ferguson (judo).


There are some things unique to this process of being a mixed martial arts fighter and being an Olympian these people understand. And they all were on the 2004 Olympic Team together and that feeling that they had right after the Olympics and then that moment when they entered into the MMA world is still very fresh.

I remember watching Dr. Rhadi Ferguson workout and train with Howard Davis and American Top Team when he was preparing for his Strikeforce fight in Tennessee. I also remember Rick Hawn training in many places but mainly with Mark DellaGrotte and Tristar Gym. And of course Daniel Cormier trains at the American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) and he’s the reigning UFC Champion.

daniel cormier_ufc182

DC can speak to her concerning coming back from the Jones loss. He can empathize with her in terms of the struggles of being a champion and he can provide insight about the transition from wrestling to MMA per his experiences and what things were key to his personal development.

rick hawn-bellator 66

Rick Hawn can speak with her about what life was like coming off the Bellator Championship fight and how that level of disappointment and depression compared to that of the Olympic letdown that many experience. He can also speak about his transition and the ways which he utilized his judo in terms of coupling it with his striking.

rhadi ferguson mma career

Dr. Ferguson, can speak to her about planning, preparation, coaching and life. As well as offer his personal take on the transition of life after athletics. Quite honestly, I have met many intelligent people in the sport of MMA and he’s one of them and definitely exceptional. I’ve never really seen anybody break down matches, tactics and strategy like I have when he and Mo Lawal get together. Dr. Ferguson also fought for Strikeforce during the same time when DC and Ronda were fighting and he has advised, coached and mentored many top MMA fighters such as Rashad Evans, Mo Lawal, Ovince St. Preux, Thiago Alves and many others.

I just believe that these gentlemen have some excellent advice, wisdom and experiences to share with Ronda as well as the ability to listen to her and serve as a sounding board for her as she makes her next move. And talking with your team mates is good thing. I think that having a personal advisory board of Olympians that have MMA experience is a good thing.

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