UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman (13-0) was presented his new signature Reebok shoe Monday on The MMA Hour by Senior director of Reebok combat training Michael Lunardelli. The shoe as you can see in the photo has “The All-American” colors of red, white and blue, complete with stripes and stars. It is a running shoe and the listed price is $110 on Reebok.com.


reebok weidman shoe

On first sight the shoe is not attractive. It conjures images of Fourth of July picnics and soggy hotdogs with mustard, county fairs and meth. … However, Reebok’s website allows you to customize the shoe to your specifications. You can change the colors, and there’s quite a few different designs you can choose from too, although then it’s not really a Chris Weidman shoe anymore is it?

Chris Weidman seemed ecstatic about the shoe as having signed a new exclusive endorsement deal with the apparel giant. Though it was interesting Weidman didn’t even know they were giving him a shoe and had no input whatsoever with it. Honestly, the design seems unoriginal. Stars and stripes. All-American. We get it.

And so would these guys.
Reebok also released a new Team Weidman signature shirt that may be a better fit for you if you want to show your support for the champ.

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