stipe miocic

UFC heavyweight Stipe Miocic spoke with Submission Radio and some interesting things were revealed.

Stipe lobbied for a title shot with UFC President Dana White and was told he wasn’t over with the fans enough. Since when does popularity earn you special treatment? Oh yeah – most of the time in the UFC.

In his words here is a summary of what came from his conversation with Dana.

Yeah, I need to get more popular. I wasn’t popular enough and so it’s pretty much, I gotta get popular.

I don’t know. I mean it must be like a High School thing, you know? I mean that’s pretty much what it was. So I mean, I gotta go out there and keep beating ass.

He also gave his thoughts on Junior Dos Santos or Alistair Overeem getting a title shot before him.

It is, but like I said, those guys are popular. I’m not.

What do you think? Is Miocic telling the truth? Is that good enough reason not to give him a title shot? Because he’s not popular?

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