Welcome to the Conor McGregor show!
Welcome to the Conor McGregor show!

Conor McGregor has never shied away from trash talking – ever. Almost every one of his opponents has felt his wrath inside and outside of The Octagon. It never fails that an opponent he has dispatched begins to rekindle some of that back and forth banter after some time has passed since losing to the Irishman. The latest fighter with an L starting things up with McGregor again is Diego Brandao. Check out this recent Tweet from him.

I’ll take another fight and let (Jose) Aldo knock out (Conor) McGregor, and then I’ll get my hands on him a second time – and I promise it won’t be a repeat of the first time.

McGregor’s response? Classic?

Good girl, shut your mouth.

Only time will tell if the UFC will make the rematch between the two.

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