So, according to Bryan Alvarez, WWE’s mastermind Vince McMahon has been “freaking out” over the low ratings of RAW and Smackdown. The blame has not been pinned on anyone in particular, but sources say it will be on the drawing power of world champion Seth Rollins and not the creative team’s colossal failure of booking him strongly.

This is not the first time Vince McMahon has lost it when it comes to low ratings. He doesn’t understand that it’s not the champion’s fault when he is booked so poorly. He lost to John Cena clean at the PPV making him look like he isn’t really the top guy, Cena still is. How is that helpful to business? They blamed WWE’s lower ratings on Daniel Bryan once when they booked him against Kane, an aging superstar who doesn’t appeal to the younger crowd. They are doing the same with Rollins. It’s a shame booking repeats their failures and expect different results.

Expect Randy Orton to return to the main event to feud with John Cena or Brock Lesnar immediately probably close to or after Wrestlemania. Rumors of HHH becoming champion, Orton, and Reigns still persist, but it’s Cena that seems the most likely. Vince still has not figured out how to rely on anyone other than John Cena. The creative goons of WWE crap all over new talent and fan favorites like Dolph Ziggler regularly, and all of the smart fans know it’s political. It’s a shame politics is to blame for low ratings.

Brock Lesnar’s absence is to blame partially in my opinion. They built him in to an integral part of the storylines and because of his contract pretty much only works when he wants to. Without Lesnar booking is in chaos again trying to fill the time in between his appearances.

What does this mean for us as fans? DRASTIC changes in booking that will force broken or forgotten storylines leaving us all confused. They will wipe every slate clean and probably repackage a talent or two. Expect more cartoonish wrestlers to spring up because Vince reportedly believes that is what is missing from a WRESTLING program. Fans are tired of the cartoons and needless dramas.

Wake up, Vince or retire.

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