Kane is set to open SmackDown tonight, but which Kane will show up, and will Seth Rollins respond? Intercontinental Champions Kevin Owens is teaming up with Rusev to take on Dolph Ziggler and Ryback. Will Paige mend her relationship with new Divas Champ Charlotte after her blow-up on Raw, or has that shiny piece of gold come between the teammates? What about Roman Reigns and the Wyatt Family? Also, WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day will take on Neville and The Lucha Dragons for the first-time. All this and more, tonight on SmackDown.

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* It’s Corporate Kane who takes to the ring to open the show. Kane announces some of tonight’s match-ups but is soon interrupted by Rollins. Kane plays dumb, but is showing both sides of his personality, the demon-side and the corporate side. Rollins tells Kane he’s not fit to be the Director of Operations any longer and needs help. Kane announces the main event will be Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose.

* Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper — Harper almost finishes Reigns with a power bomb, but Reigns rallies with with a Superman Punch counter and a Spear to put Harper away.

* New Day vs. Neville, Lucha Dragons — After a ringside distraction Xavier Woods hits Sin Cara with a knee for the finish.

* Cesaro vs. Bo Dallas — Is there a bigger punching bag than Bo Dallas? Bo looks to have Cesaro’s number but while trying to apply a choke gets rolled up like a pretzel for the pin. Cesaro takes it.

* Divas Champ Charlotte takes to the ring with Becky Lynch. Charlotte gives a promo about the Divas Revolution but is interrupted by Paige who comes in the ring. She berates both of them and wants recognition for “starting” the Divas Revolution. This brings out Natalya. Paige says this has nothing to do with you “crazy cat lady”. Nattie says the Divas division is the best it’s ever been and compliments Paige. Nattie says she can’t believe Paige is jealous of her teammate and she is better than that. Paige tells Nattie she missed the Revolution and she’s just trying to become relevant again. Paige slaps the shit out of her and walks off.

* Ryback, Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev, Kevin Owens — Owens does what he does best and leaves the match. This distracts Rusev and when he turns around he’s greeted with a superkick from Ziggler. Ryback then hits Rusev with a Shellshock for the finish.

* Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins (non-title match) — After several minutes of back and forth a pyro distraction from Demon Kane allows Ambrose to roll Rollings up for the pin. Rollins takes the mic after the match and lashes out at Kane. Corporate Kane is shown backstage watching on the monitor.


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