Bellator and Glory’s DYNAMITE 1 main card opened with a bang on Spike last weekend when Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal took on Linton Vassell in the light heavyweight tournament semifinals. Mo looked as though he was going to put Vassell away pretty quick, using that Jeff Mayweather-influenced boxing to rock Vassell and drop him multiple times over the course of the five-minute round.

Vassell hung tough against bombs that would have put most opponents away. Mo ultimately won the decision but injured himself in the second round and was unable to continue to the finals where he was set to face Phil Davis.

Alternate Francis Carmont filled in, but Davis knocked him out to win the tournament. It was an unfortunate turn of events for Mo, as many wanted to see how the two world-class wrestlers would match up, especially since this was Phil’s first fight outside the UFC.

PMN sent Mo a few questions via email to see how he’s doing and get his thoughts on how everything went down.

How’s it going Mo, how are your ribs doing?

They are sore but I’m icing them and making sure I get healed up.

That was one hell of a fight and performance from you against Linton Vassell. You were throwing heaters my man. Were you surprised he didn’t go down and stay down? I thought you had him out in that first round.

Thanx. My goal was to go out there and fight. I thought I had him out of there but he survived. I had him hurt a few times. He was tough.

I loved how in round two you paid him back for the slam almost immediately with a big slam of your own. Was that intentional, were you wanting to get a little payback there?

My thing was to get instant payback but that is what ended up hurting my rib.

Did you know immediately you were injured?

I felt a clicking and a pop. Then I felt some pain. I figured I’d be able to push thru it.

How bummed were you that you weren’t able to face Phil Davis in the finals?

I was mad. I was ready for him and excited to get to fight him. People are idiots and think I’m afraid of Phil. Lol…I fear nuthin but deep water and wild animals that can eat u. Phil is neither one.

A lot of people were looking forward to that fight, including myself. It’s bound to happen eventually, right?

I think it’ll happen next year.

That damn slippery Bellator canvas again, will they ever fix that?

I hope they do. This canvas was pretty damn bad.

What was your impression of the Dynamite event overall?

I think it was amazing. I hope they add boxing and pro wrestling to the future Dynamite Events.

Thank you friend, I look forward to seeing you fully recovered and back in there soon.

Thanx big bro!!!

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