donnie baker_darts
This is my totally normal look.
You’ve probably heard by now that The World’s Most Dominant Athlete is going to a Marine Ball in December with a brave soldier serving our country who posted a video online asking out the UFC women’s bantamweight champ. To everyone’s surprise Ronda Rousey said yes, but Donnie Baker is not too happy about it and tried to one-up the Marine by posting the following video online today asking the female icon to his upcoming dart league banquet in November. Donnie informs Ronda they will have catfish nuggets, raffle prizes and door prizes and she could leave there a rich woman. The good thing about if Ronda actually chose Donnie over the Marine, is that he could help her train for a fight with those Shake Weight two-a-days. After all, he thought her last win took just a little too long.

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